26 February 2014

Delicate Blooms

My soul, it ebbs and flows for you, still.  Blindly sensing the seasons.  A taste of Spring then back to cold.  All lines blurred, all thoughts distant, in need of fresh blooms.  Beginnings, cyclical not new.   Options are only physical, insides are fated.  And they've always been.  Talking about it doesn't help.  Tangled string; a delicate web – lets watch the patterns unfold.      

11 December 2012

One Year

I know that you know that I still miss you every single day. Thoughts flow through my mind like leaves from trees; gently, calmly, effortlessly. How could all of these memories remain but only in me? I am the only one; the one left who shared those thoughts. Thoughts of that time in place, where there was no such thing as time. Pages of Earth Science heavy in the air; our bedtime stories. I don't think there will ever be a day where you're not missed. But I will tell you this...you'll always be right here, with every plane engine roar you'll never be far. A constant reminder that you've always been part of our sky.

17 October 2012

Ragtime by Kevin Young

Like hot food
I love you
like warm
bread & cold
cuts, butter
or, days later, after

when I want
whatever's left.